iC(k)P - Institutional Certified 401(k) Professional

Who should enroll on the iC(k)P designation program?

The Institutional Certified 401k Professional Designation (The iC(k)P Designation) represents the pinnacle of achievement for Retirement Plan Professionals. The iC(k)P Designation is designed is to move a retirement plan professional to “elite” status. Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of experience, experience with at least 10 retirement plans and has provided retirement services to at least $30 million aggregate assets under care. These minimums must be met either individually or as part of a servicing team. Most applicants who seek the iC(k)P Designation are interested in growing their knowledge-base through the effective use of Behavioral Finance, Decision Making Theory and Improved Outcomes.

Upon completion of the iC(k)P designation, the retirement advisor will have gained knowledge regarding:

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Decision Making during Uncertainty
  • Technical Competence of Defined Contribution Plans
  • Understanding the Principles of Persuasion
  • How to Build Strong Brands
  • Making Decisions Today in the best interest of Future Outcomes
  • Understanding the landscape of the Qualified Plan business
  • Fiduciary Awareness
  • Establishing Strategies which will Optimize Plan Outcomes

How long do I have to complete the iC(k)P designation program?

Students enrolled in the iC(k)P designation have 2 years to complete all required curriculum. The 2-year clock begins on the final day of class at UCLA. It is highly recommended to complete Level I coursework prior to the UCLA classes. All online Study Materials are made available upon a student making the initial payment.

How many questions are on the iC(k)P final exam(s) and what is a passing score?

The iC(k)P Designation Exam comprises 125 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 80%

The iC(k)P Designation Exam - includes material from all sections of the online courses, Study Material and UCLA live classes. The Designation Exam is a proctored exam.

Once I complete the iC(k)P Designation program, can I begin using the designation immediately?

After a student successfully completes all the requirements of the professional designation program, they are welcome to use the designation. You will receive access to the iC(k)P Designation Usage Guidelines. The iC(k)P Designation is conferred in collaboration with UCLA Anderson School of Management Executive Education. The iC(k)P Designation Usage Guidelines must be adhered to by all who hold the iC(k)P Designation.

What are the on-going CE Education requirements and Annual Fees?


All iC(k)P Designation holders are responsible for completing 12 hours of continuing education (CE) credits every year. The 6 hour self-study and 6 in-person study - requirement was suspended in during 2020, 2021 & 2022 to make accommodation for designation holders during the pandemic. (The pandemic accommodation permits all 12 CE hours to be either online or in-person.)

The Education is required each calendar year. For 2022, CE can be submitted online from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. That same process is in place for subsequent years.

Annual Fee

An annual fee includes:

  • Full access to Annually-updated online course, MB-210 Retirement Plan Market & Industry Review (which includes data and information from over 25 sources from Academia, U.S. Government, Industry Associations, and Plan Providers);
  • Access to all TRAU Instructors - including iC(k)P Designation TRAU Professors in Collaboration with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA);
  • iC(k)P Designation holder Profile hosted on the TRAU Registry (holding the iC(k)P Designee Photo, Bio and Credentials);
  • Full display of the TRAU Registry available to Plan Sponsors, Participants and Plan Providers; and
  • CE Cross-reporting, Recordkeeping, and Co-branding.

The annual fee (which includes access to MB-210) is due and payable on the 1st day of month following the authorization to use the iC(k)P Designation - and occurs on the same month in consecutive years.

Annual Fee – Double-dip

The TRAU “Annual Fee – Double-dip” enables iC(k)P Designation holders in good-standing to receive additional value/credit for their Annual Fee.

TRAU permits iC(k)P holders to apply the iC(k)P Designation holder’s annual fee amount as a credit to an associate within your firm or to a colleague, as an incentive to use as a credit, in the associate or colleagues – pursuit of their own iC(k)P Designation, a SPARK Designation (ARPC or ARPS), or in their role as an Adjunct Lecturer in the TPSU program. To qualify for the Annual Fee Double-dip, an iC(k)P Designation holder must:

  1. Have paid their Annual Fee either “on-time” or “early”;
  2. Apply their Annual Fee in the same calendar year as it has been paid;
  3. Direct and use the Annual Fee Double-dip during the current calendar year; and
  4. Be current on their own CE Education requirement.

Late Annual Fee Payments do not qualify for the Annual Fee Double-dip. Annual Fee Double-dip opportunities cannot carry-over a calendar year.

When is the C(k)P designation offered and where?

The iC(k)P Designation Program is offered twice a year, in May and November, in-person, on campus at UCLA in Los Angeles. Except for virtual delivery, attendance is mandatory.

iC(k)P - Institutional Certified 401(k) Professional Application Form

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