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Continuing Education:  CE Policy

Purpose of This Document: To provide guidance on the renewal and certification policies that apply to the C(k)P® Designation.

Certification Renewal Requirements Overview
The C(k)P® Standards Committee requires that after meeting the requirements of the program, passing the Designation Exam, and being authorized to use the C(k)P® Designation, the designee must renew the Designation each calendar year in order to ensure the knowledge base of the C(k)P® Designation holder and to encourage the designee to learn in both a productive and efficient manner. C(k)P® designees are required to remain current with Continuing Education (CE) requirements and all program fees.

TRAU accepts work from the following areas and topics for Continuing Education:  Retirement, Behavioral Finance, Investments, Ethics, Retirement Readiness, Improving Participant Outcomes, Longevity, Aging, Target Date Funds, Plan Design Features, Defined Benefit Plans or Defined Contribution Plans.

2020 CE Policy Update Alert
Due to the unusual times we are experiencing across the United states and the cancellation of many in-person meetings, conferences and gatherings, TRAU has decided to suspend the “In-person” meeting requirement associated with the TRAU C(k)P Designation.

The Retirement Advisor University still believes in the inherent benefits of Advisor Education in-person CE for those who hold the C(k)P Designation; however, the current lack of availability of in-person meetings across the country makes the 6 hour In-person CE requirement, per year, difficult for C(k)P Designation holders.

TRAU will continue to require a total of 12 hours of Continuing Education Credits for calendar year 2020, but the requirement around the type of CE credits will no longer include In-person Education.

Continuing Education Requirements
Each C(k)P® designee must obtain a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education each calendar year.

The 12 hours of Continuing Education consists of:

  • 6 hours of Self-Study; 
  • 6 hours of In-Person Education (see 2020 CE Policy Exception above)
See below for pre-approved education and events.

CE Hours Tracking
Cycle CE Hours must be obtained and submitted by self-reporting them to using the CE Submission Form by December 31 of each calendar year.  

Annual Invoicing / Fee Schedule
There is a single annual payment due from C(k)P Designees.  After completion of all coursework and designation requirements, a designee will begin participating in all of the benefits afforded every C(k)P Designee.

Upon earning the C(k)P Designation, the designee will be invoiced a single annual fee of $480.00 which includes all Continuing Education, Profile access to the TRAU Registry for holding the C(k)P Designee Bio, all CE Cross-reporting and recordkeeping, and Co-branding. C(k)P Designees also have access to the TRAU Lecturers. Fee is due and payable on the 1st day of month following the authorization to use the C(k)P Designation and on the same month in consecutive years.

One of the objectives of the C(k)P Designation is to make it simple for Plan Sponsors to identify, contact and work with Retirement Plan Advisors who have made a strong commitment to the Retirement Plan Industry. See your name and firm as listed on the TRAU Website. We employ a plan sponsor outreach program, through our sister organization The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU), whereby we use C(k)P designees to educate the plan sponsor community. These educational programs are delivered on the campuses of colleges and universities throughout the country. The C(k)P Designation has been highlighted at over 30 educational institutions. Our outreach to plan sponsors includes highlighting C(k)P Designation holders via U.S. mail, email, and direct invitations to TPSU Fiduciary Education.

All questions regarding Continuing Education for the C(k)P Designation can be sent to
Self Study
In Person
RPAG National Conference (2020, 6 Hours In Person)
Date TBD, Location TBD
Click here to visit the Web Site for more details.
The RPAG National Conference provides an accelerated exchange of information between our members and industry experts on progressive ways to drive revenue and profitability while building scale.
RPAG Regional Meetings (Hours Vary)
Various Dates & Locations
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The regional Spring Summits are two-day, roundtable-style events where you and your staff can network with other RPAG members, the RPAG team, and our partners — all while you learn how to maximize the differentiators that make you competitive in your market. Roll up your sleeves for hands-on training and attend all the expert panels and presentations on the technology and resources you'll use every single day.

First Year Designees

CE Hours will be prorated one hour per month. See chart below:

BY 12/31
   January 12
   February 11
   March 10
   April 9
   May 8
   June 7
   July 6
   August 5
   September 4
   October 0
   November 0
   December 0